Seller - this is somebody who has registered at miniyap and is offering to provide solutions (such as answers, advice, referral, business leads etc) and be paid

Buyer - This is somebody who is looking for a solution (such as answers, advice, referral, business leads etc) and is willing to pay for the solution.


Buying and selling at

1. How do I get instant solutions/answers? Choose a seller from here  and pay from for their time and they will call you within the same day. If you are not so much in a hurry, you can post your question here  and experts in that area will bid to answer your question. Your question will appear here . Click the " See All Bids" button to see those who have offered to answer your question. You can then choose which one of them you want to pay to provide you their answer.

2. IF I POST A QUESTION, HOW SOON CAN I GET AN ANSWER? As soon as you chose someone you want to answer your question. If you post your question, sellers will start contacting you by bidding for your answer.

3. DOES THE BUYER GET THE SELLER'S  DETAILS: No, the buyer does not get the seller’s details, rather the buyer’s details are forwarded to the seller for the seller to contact them. It is recommended by Miniyap for the seller to have a dedicated phone number for answering calls as well as a dedicated e-mail if you also chose to be contacted by this means.

4. HOW WILL I BE GUARANTEED THAT MY QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED? Sellers are paid when they earnings reach a given amount (currently £100) and payments are made on questions answered by the seller where no complaints have been received by Miniyap.  We advice that you contact Miniyap if after making a payment you have not received answers to your question after 2 - 3 working days at most. Send email to stating clearling the seller's name, your name, amount paid, date and the question asked.

If a seller cannot answer the question, they are required by Miniyap under the terms and conditions  of Miniyap to inform Miniyap to refund the buyer their money less the administration charge of Miniyap which is currently 10% of the buyer’s fee.

5. WHAT IF AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THE ANSWER GIVEN. If you are not satisfied with the answer you received send an e-mail to stating clearling the seller's name, your name, amount paid, date and the question asked.Miniyap will refund the amount paid less an administration charge which is currently 10% of the amount paid. Furthermore, after paying for a seller's time, you normally receive an email enabling you to rate the seller. You should rate the seller if you are not happy with the quality of the answer you received. This helps to maintain a level of quality and confidence at Miniyap.

If a seller cannot answer the question, they are required by Miniyap under the terms and conditions  of Miniyap to inform Miniyap to refund the buyer their money less the administration charge of Miniyap which is currently 10% of the buyer’s fee.

6. HOW CAN I BE CONTACTED AS A BUYER? By any means you chose while requesting for an answer, it can be by e-mail or telephone or both.

7. IF SOMEONE OFFERS TO ANSWER MY QUESTION, WILL I BE INFORMED?You will be informed by e-mail if you chose to be informed while posting your question, otherwise, you will have to come back here  at Miniyap and click the "See All Bids" button to see the people who wants to answer your question.

8. AS A BUYER, DO I HAVE A MEANS OF RATING THE SERVICE I RECEIVE? Yes, you can rate a seller after they have provided to you answer.

9. WHAT SORT OF QUESTIONS CAN I ANSWER?Anything, it can be a questions on where you live, your profession, business leads, the best school, church, pub etc. Just anything that someone else is looking for.

10. HOW CAN I BID FOR QUESTIONS ON MINIYAP? Go here , select  a category of interest.When you find a question of interest, click the "Answer question & Get paid" button, then login and enter your bid. Note that you must be registered to be able to post a bid (as a seller).

11. HOW WILL I KNOW MY BID HAS BEEN ACCEPTED? You will receive an e-mail when a buyer chose your bid and pays for you to answer his/her question i.e  have accepted your bid. So Miniyap requires you to always check your e-mail regularly.You can always login to your Miniyap page here  on Miniyap to see which buyers have bought your time (i.e. you need to call them and provide an answer to them). You will also see how much you have earned to date. Your ratings might be affected if you do not provide answers quickly to buyers.

12. IS THERE ANY MAXIMUM NUMBER OF QUESTIONS I AM ALLOWED TO ANSWER? NO, provided you can answer the questions you chose excellently.

13. CAN I BID FOR QUESTIONS IN DIFFERENT CATEGORIES?Yes, if you can answer them, however, we strongly advise you to stick mainly to your area of expertise.

14. WHAT IF I CAN’T ANSWER A QUESTION? If you can’t answer a question, click the refund button on your Miniyap homepage. This automatically sends an e-mail to Miniyap to refund the buyer.

15. WILL THE WAY I ANSWER MY QUESTIONS AFFECT MY RATINGS? Yes. Always be polite and helpful. The buyer has a means of rating the quality of answer or advice they received from you. Poor rating will affect your overall earnings.

 16. CAN I FORWARD QUESTIONS TO FRIENDS I KNOW CAN ANSWER THEM? Yes, here , there is a "Send to a Friend" button. Click this button to send the question to a friend.

17. DOES MY FRIEND NEEDS TO REGISTER? Yes, in order to answer any question on Miniyap, you must be registered.

18. HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN SOME BUYS MY TIME?You will be notified once you are bought through any means you chose when you were registering. Miniyap strongly advises you check your e-mail or your Miniyap personal here  frequently.

19. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SETTING THE FEES I CHARGED ON MY CALLS? The seller is responsible for setting their fees.

20. ON THE QUESTION BOARD  IF A SELLER  HAS BIDDED/OFFERED TO ANSWER A QUESTION, CAN I ALSO BUY THIS SELLER'S TIME IF I AM NOT  THE ONE WHO POSTED THE QUESTION ORIGINALLY?  Yes. If you look on the  Question board   and find a question posted by others which you also want to know the answer to, you are free to contact any seller who has offered to provide a solution/ answer to the original question.



21. WHEN WILL I BE PAID AND HOW MUCH? Miniyap pays sellers at the end of each month if their earnings reaches £100.00. Payments are made on all questions answered where there has not been any complaint from the buyer necessitating a refund to the buyer. Miniyap pays all the earning to the seller less 15% commission (to cover Paypal charges and administration costs)

22. HOW WILL I PAID? Payments are made primarily through paypal or on exceptional cases through cheques.

DO I NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO GET PAID. At the moment yes. In future Miniyap will introduce other payment methods.



23. HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER OF MINIYAP? You become a member of Miniyap when you register on the registration page at

24. IS IT FREE TO REGISTER? Yes, registration is totally free.

25. WHY DO I NEED TO ENTER AN E-MAIL ADDRESS: An e-mail address is required to contact you. You can be contacted when people buys your time or when people offer to answer your question. However, e-mail can be a optional choice for buyers/people looking for answers as they might indicate to be contacted by another means not e-mail.

26. DO I NEED TO REGISTER IF AM LOOKING FOR ANSWER(i.e. a buyer)? No you do not need to register.

27. AS A BUYER, DO I NEED TO FILL- IN  MY PHONE NUMBER AND E-MAIL ADDRESS? If you want to receive answer via your phone number, then you need to fill in you number, this is optional. You can choose to receive answers via e-mail or phone or both.

28. AS A SELLER, DO I HAVE TO PAY ANY UPFRONT MONEY BEFORE REGISTRATION? No, Miniyap does not require anyone to pay any upfront money for registration.

29. AS A SELLER, DO I HAVE TO PAY ANY UPFRONT MONEY BEFORE EARNING? No, just register for free and starts earning.Miniyap does not require any upfront money from anyone to start selling.

30. HOW MANY CATEGORIES CAN I REGISTER? As many as you want, though Miniyap advises that you register in your strongest category of expertise. If you want to register in another area, maybe, a local knowledge of where you grew up, you will need to register with another user name. You can as well put this information in your profile page.

31. CAN I REGISTER WITH THE SAME E-MAIL FOR DIFFERENT CATEGORIES.Yes, you can register with same e-mail for different categories.

32. CAN I USE MY USERNAME FOR DIFFERENT CATEGORIES? No, no two people have the same username on Miniyap. If you want to register in different categories, you will need to create other accounts.



 Use of Information

33. WILL THE SELLER RETAINS MY DETAILS? In line with Miniyap's terms and conditions , seller's are not authorised to use your contact details (email or phone) for other purpose except for providing  solutions/answers to you. Report any abuse to Miniyap.

34. WILL THE BUYER GET MY DETAILS ONCE THEY BUY MY TIME? No, the buyer's details are forwarded to you, it is strongly adviced that you contact the buyer that same day. The buyer should get an answer within a day.





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