4: Not in a hurry then go here  and post your question or the job you want done

- People will bid
to answer your questions or do a job and you will be notified by email
Check your email to see who is offering to answer
   your question
or do your job. Alternatively go here  and see your  question or job posted and all the bids.
3: If you need answers or advice or job done in a hurry then

Go  here   and choose someone to answer your question or  do a job.

Miniyap pays sellers at the end of each month if their total sales have reached £100 or more. See further details in the FAQ section here.

Buyer: Somebody who has a question or a job they want done  and pays to receive an answer or have the job done

Seller: Somebody who gets paid to provide answers to questions or to do a quick job
1:  Go to Miniyap's homepage here
                                                  How it works
3 Your profile appears here  automatically and buyers can choose you to answer their questions or do a quick job for them.
 How to find somebody to do a quick job  
1: If you need answers or advice or need a job done, go to Miniyap's homepage  here   
To make more money, go here  and bid for questions/jobs.
     - Then login here  to your profile page to see if you
       are successful. Your profile page shows all those
       who have paid/selected you to answer their
        questions or do a job.
 -  Call the buyers and provide answers or advice or arrange to
       do the job.


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