Top Tips to Increase your Sales on


+ Sign up and ensure that you create a concise and outstanding profile
highlighting your relevant skills and experience. To gain the confidence of buyers, in your profile you must:

State clearly your education: State which college/university you attended and your qualifications(e.g A-Level, BSc MSc, PhD)

State clearly your experience: State  clearly the companies/institutions where you worked and for how long.

Your profile will appear here.

+ Ensure that you register in more than one category for more visibility

+ Go and bid for questions and jobs here.

+ Ensure that you answer questions from buyers/clients promptly.

+ Tell friends, work colleagues and family about your services at Miniyap.

+ Add your Miniyap details to the end of your e-mails.

+ Publicise your Miniyap services on other social networks such as Facebook

+ Be nice to buyers/clients and encourage them to buy again

+ Always be prompt to call buyers/clients(who have bought your time) so as to enhance your rating

+ Add your qualifications to your profile

+ Print business cards as an expert in your area and add your Miniyap details/links

+ Advertise yourself on Miniyap

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